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Xiaomi upcoming phone 2022

Xiaomi Mi  are introduced in 2022: , Xiaomi 12X, and more

Xiaomi Mi are introduced in 2022: , Xiaomi 12X, and more
Xiaomi finally launched the Xiaomi 12 series worldwide, its latest set of smartphones. Launched for the first time in China in December, the phones are now also available worldwide.

The company has promised to launch the "first" phones powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, although Motorola suddenly defeated Xiaomi with the Moto Edge X30. Xiaomi 12 comes second though, joined by the more powerful Xiaomi 12 Pro and the more affordable 12X.

Note that Xiaomi 12, not Mi 12 - we will explain why - but this one is still a fan of last year's Mi 11. These are some of the best phones of 2022, and before that we reach Xiaomi full of soup. 12 Ultra, expected later in 2022.

Here's all we know about the Xiaomi 12 series, including the latest in western phones - either you can go directly to read our review of Xiaomi 12X, update Xiaomi 12 or update Xiaomi 12 Pro to find out what we think about phones.

When is the global release date for Xiaomi 12?

Xiaomi launched the 12th series in China on December 28, and the phones went on sale on December 31.

There has been a long wait around the world, but the global launch finally came on the 15th of March. The phone is now on sale or pre-ordered in most markets - here in the UK, you can pre-order 12 or 12 Pro before it is officially sold on April 15th.
In India, Xiaomi has confirmed that the 12 Pro will be launched on April 27, but there is no official name yet at 12 or 12X.

That fits well with the company’s previous release patterns:

Xiaomi Mi 11 - December 2020 (China), March 2021 (Globally)

Xiaomi Mi 10 - February 2020 (China), March 2020 (Globally)

Xiaomi Mi 9 - March 2019 (China), April 2019 (Global)

Keep in mind that, at the moment, Xiaomi is not officially launching its phones in the US, so this launch does not include North America.

So far Xiaomi has introduced three phones: Xiaomi 12, 12 Pro, and 12X. Those are not all the calls we expect in the series - at least eventually we will see an extended 12 Ultra, with various leaks pointing to 12 Lite, 12 Mini, and 12X Pro.

We know a lot about 12 Ultra, currently predicted to launch in Q3 2022 - I.E. In August, or another permit that he thinks will be introduced in May with another under 10 May directly.

How much does the Xiaomi 12 cost?

Although the Xiaomi 12 series has not yet launched in the US, the company has announced USD prices, which is a useful guide to how much the phone will cost worldwide - including phone prices in GBP and EUR below. :

Xiaomi 12 - From £ 749 / $ 749/849

Xiaomi 12 Pro - From £ 1,049 / $ 999 / € 1,049

Xiaomi 12X - From $ 649 / € 699 (about £ 500)

We will be looking at the best deals for Xiaomi 12, so check that page for the latest deals and discounts on the phone.

Why can't it be called Mi 12?

While Xiaomi's flagship 2021 flagship phone was Mi 11, its follow-up is not called Mi 12.

Xiaomi has abandoned the Mi brand - which is used outside of China only - to simplify its brand. As a result, the new flagship is just Xiaomi 12.

"From 2021 Q3, Xiaomi 's product line' Mi 'will be renamed' Xiaomi '," the company said in a statement. "These changes will consolidate our global presence and close the vision gap between product and product. This change could take time to apply to all regions."

What are the features of Xiaomi 12?

Now that Xiaomi has announced a few phones in the series with their portable specs - as well as some leaks and rumors pointing to 12 Ultra specs. We have categorized it by model:

Xiaomi 12

The most notable thing about the Xiaomi 12 is that it is smaller than any flagship in the previous series, due to the move to a smaller 6.28in display, although the Pro is bigger, if you like that kind of thing.

Due to its small size it weighs only 180g, and you can find it in black, blue or pink - with the more vegan green skin option available only in China.

The integrated screen is still an AMOLED panel, with a revision of 120Hz and a supported fingerprint scanner, and a Gorilla Glass Victus at the top to avoid scratches.

As expected, inside the phone you will find a new Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, paired in China with 8 or 12GB of RAM, and 128 or 256GB of storage. In the UK, both storage SKUs are only available with 8GB of RAM.

The battery is 4500mAh despite the compact size of the phone, and it supports fast 67W cable charging, 50W wireless charging, and 10W wireless charging.

Finally, a very important camera. The main lens is a 50Mp Sony IMX766 - a 1 / 1.56in sensor with 2.0μm pixels and OIS - a lower resolution than last year's main camera, though it may be able to get much higher results. Next to it, you will find 13Mp ultrawide and 50mm equivalent to 5Mp te

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Xiaomi upcoming phone 2022

Xiaomi Mi  are introduced in 2022: , Xiaomi 12X, and more Xiaomi Mi are introduced in 2022: , Xiaomi 12X, and more Xiaomi finally launched t...